Diamond Memorial Day

Went to Diamond Yesterday and after breakfast at the lodge we got on the lake at about 0915, sounds late for a lot of people but then I am a lazy fisher. We went 6 for 10 between 14 n 16 inches. The guy I took up had a hard lesson to learn which was to much power bait on the hook as he lost three that way and to his shame he did catch a 8-9 inch rainbow. He did better than me but that was the idea. To my dismay I never reeled in a single fish but I hooked a few. My guest was a Korean Vet and since I am a 100% r sometimes I need help reeling in fish so he helped with that.. Beautiful day on the lake and no hot rodders out that were close to us. One thing that was nice is there were 3 Juvenile Bald Eagles in our area that kept flying around. They were partially in molt and had there white heads, really pretty to watch.