Diamond Lake

For those of you who like to bottom fish at Diamond and are like me hate that wind, even when it is lightly blowing I started fishing with three anchors. I use my regular anchor on the front then put one out on each side to help me keep my boat steady. I made them out of lead and added an eyebolt to them. I have found my best source of lead is a tire shop as some of them will sell you used tire weights. I do my best to put my nose into the wind to keep the swinging down. I like to put them a bit of a distance away from my boat and that allows me to make adjustments as I need them. By putting out extra rope on the bow anchor I can keep my boat pretty tight. Since the bottom of diamond is soft I use my engine to lift the anchors free, even the bow anchor. Since I don't use any lead weights and don't set a hook this system helps me tell when I am getting a bite and I am also not swinging like a destroyer at anchor in a storm. Every once in a great while I may get a fish tangled in the line and when that happens the trout will stop fighting, as a rule, and if it close enough I can often net it without pulling up an anchor. But that seldom happens, well to me anyway. ? 4 u. If you watch "WICKED TUNA" have you ever noticed it usually takes them less time to land a tuna than it does to land a large trout..wonder why.