Diamond Lake

A few years ago those were not uncommon, I was up with my wife one day and she did two of them back to back. Diamond can be very very nice to fish. One year I kept NOTHING under 17 inches and still limited out.
I have never used them, however one of my brohers camped there a few years ago and what I saw was pretty nice. They have a separate camp sight for just motor homes and if I am correct there are 4 separate camp grounds now. There are times of the year when the skeeters are bad and if you have a boat with a cover on it Dry sheets hanging inside the cabin works pretty well. Diamond is only about a90 minute drive for me and I drive like a very old man when I have my boat on. I think it is 60 or 62 miles from my home. One thing I know for sure is if I had two tow rigs I would not hesitate to take my camp trailer up, 19 ft cougar with slide out.
Anyone been to Diamond lately? How’’’’s the fishing & what’’’’s hot right now? We have a boat reservation for next Friday and very much looking forward to it.


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Not easy to interpret sometimes. 93% of communication, is non-verbal. Which is why I erred on the side of caution. And said "could" be seen that way. To give your comments the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway good luck out there. Should be pretty good, as the temps are cooling. The fish are gonna want to fatten up; before Old Man Winter sets up camp.


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Friend called and said he needed to get away for the day. Pheasants coming to the ranch and guided hunts starting plus a lot of other stuff with cattle and sheep so I told him the options and he choose Diamond.
Knew the wind would be bad but started off decent. First couple of fish in the cooler in 10mins then nothing but 6-8 inch planters all day maybe 20 or more. Brads silver with dots and a nightcrawler inside. Trolled until 2pm with only 4 keepers.
Its all powerbait fishing and anchored up. Those that bait fished limited. Water 62 and temp about the same. Water is blue but a lot of small algae floating.
Lots of lakeside camp sites open , no bugs and all ramps still have docks. Water level still good.
Will be back just before the first snow when they are on the surface feeding.
Pics are only to show no snow left on any peaks anywhere .. not good.