Diamond Lake challenge

I am going to toss this out there for anybody who wishes to try it. Ya it is kind of an arrogant challenge but here goes anyway. My best time for two people, bottom fishing, at Diamond is 1 hour. Here are the rules, only two people in the boat, only 1 pole per person, no having two poles rigged and putting one in the water while fighting, landing, un-hooking and or rebaiting, no two pole's in the water for one person. 2 drift fishing is not allowed, you must anchor up. 3rd no moving the boat from one spot to another and then "RESTARTING" the clock. Once you anchor and start the clock starts, clock starts when the first bait is put out not when the first fish is caught. No moving around and finding a hot spot and then starting. You pick a spot, anchor up and start. Nothing under 12 inches. Limit is five. No catching a fish undersize and saving it to toss back later, if you don't want the fish the put it back alive. When I did that there was nobody within about 200 ft so nobody closer than that. last but important I did not get on the water till about 8:30 in the morning. So no early morning fishing, if you start before 8:30 it is not good. All ODFW RULES APPLY. This was done after the Tui chub was starting to be noticed and before the replant.
come, when you can, from the looks of your pic you are a vet. June is there Veterans fishing day, middle of the month...if interested let me know and I will pm you the face book page.


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Yes on the veterans status, but have reservation on Lake Simtustus for June. have yourself a good time down there.
I always do, I started it in 2013 and ran it for 3 years till I hit a brick wall. Then Dick n Ken took it over and it has grown since then. I am really proud of what it has become. They are also tied in with the Purple Heart Anglers out of Sacramento. It is held on a Wednesday, most of the vets I know don't handle crowds really well but they will hang with there brothers n sisters and that is why Wednesday was chosen. The Lodge also treats them very well.