Diamond 7-4-18

Fished Diamond with the wife,son n his gal. Fishing was a little slow but we got some nice ones. Lake is starting to algae up and water temp at both ends was 64 ish. We got three under 12 the rest over with the biggest at 18 and a couple in the 14 -15 range. We ended up getting some at the north and some at the south end. The wind kept shifting so it was hard to anchor up into the wind but all in all it was a good day, even with all the turistoes for the big event.


Normally I have soime sort of bug repellent in my boat, this time I forgot it and as it turned out it was not a problem. There were a few of the Dragon Fly's and they were doing there thing but very few of them. I guess the easiest way to explain it is I did not get any EXTRA protein that day.