Detroit Lake town hall meeting


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Please come to this meeting if you are concerned about the Corps of Engineers effectively shutting down the water supply for Gates, Mehama, Lyons and Stayton for several years. You do not have to live in Marion County for the Commissioners to hear your voice.

The Corps of Engineers is facing a lawsuit requiring them to install fish safety devices near and at Detroit Dam. This means they are planning to shut down the dam for anywhere from 2-5 years. Detroit Lake will be drained and the river will flow like it naturally would, meaning flooding in the winter and very dry in the summer. River turbidity would mean that Gates and Mehama water systems would not be able to filter out the debris and therefore would not be able to supply you water.

Mill City is on an aquifer system and will be able to get water, however they may be called upon to send water to other cities and this could effect Mill City residents' water usage. The City of Salem will be fighting this as well.

The commissioners will also discuss air quality, public safety and mental health at this meeting. These issues affect Linn County residents as well and I've found that Marion County views our area more as a whole rather than just their side of the North Santiam.

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