Deschutes report 10/16


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Below White River is quite off color from the rains last week and, with a 20% chance tonight, looks like it’s not going to clear anytime soon. Over the 48 hours I was down there it cleared only a little.
Trout were very hungry and feisty from the White River all the way up. I can heartily recommend the Deschutes Angler fly shop. Their tungsten bead head princes were exactly what the trout want. With the eye off to 90 degrees and tied on a barbless hook, all my trout (and the one idiot sucker fish) got hooked in the upper lip and released with almost no difficulty. Pretty sweet fly. Read the rules and then ring the doorbell. Take your mask into the shop. No, not your stupid neck gator, take a mask. If these guys get sick, a lot of guided trips are not going to happen.
Lots of guys looking for the steelies down there. Didn’t look like many were being caught although I saw several “rolling” while I was chasing their freshwater brethren. Lost my rig to one.
One bobcat (twice, I think), one beaver, plenty of deer and a couple of rattlers. All in all a great trip.
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