Cultus Lake

Brad Eastman

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I am new to the state and about to embark on my first fishing adventure here. I have read Cultus Lake is know for Lake trout and Rainbows. Does anyone have any information on how to best fish these things? Any help would be appreciated.


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Lake trout are a lot of fun because of the surprise factor. One of my favorites. You might catch a 2 pounder, 5 pounder, 10 pounder or 20 pounder. I like to vertical jig for them with white and chartreuse bucktails tipped with a piece of local bait if available, or a frozen anchovie tail if not. Second favorite is a hammered silver jigging spoon. Go 1-3 ounces on either of those options based on depth and how fast your boat is drifting as well as how deep you're jigging. They like to lay right on the bottom and rise up to hit anything that comes close enough to be an easy meal. This time of year you could be jigging between 70 and and 180 feet. Look for humps and contours down deep, though deep mud flats will produce, too