Craziest lookin' smallie ever!


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Photo credit: Josh Kreider
(ANGLR Magazine Online)
Susquehanna River Smallie caught with extreme melanosis. Otherwise health is very good. So cool!

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This is evolution that will likely fail due to the fish being more visible to predators and more likely to be killed before it gets to breeding age. Now if you take this bass and breed it with other bass like this, or even a normal colored bass for that matter. you will get more like it, and some normal ones. keep breeding the colorful ones together and we could eventually be fishing for 'koi' largemouth.



someone pointed out that this is known as 'piebald' pigmentation. it's a natural pigmentation variation along the lines of albinism (lack of pigment), melanism (all black pigment), amelanism (lack of black pigment) etc.


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Not my fish. I have caught such fish from the lower Colorado River both Piebald smallmouths and channel cats, but it's been years back.
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