Crane 7/28 & 7/31


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Launched out of Quinn pre-sunrise. Bass are in late post-spawn mode. Tuesday had 10 in the 3#-8# size by 7:30. all on the popper. None wanted the worm in the morning. Went back to the same spot later and they took the worm.

Today 7/31 they only wanted the worm at sunrise and they were dispersing by 10AM. Half a dozen in the 2#-5# size today before 7AM
LOTS of folk anchored up in the Quinn channel for the trout with a few kokes heard about. Lots of "nats" and no algae in this part of the lake. As always, saw lots of nice trout in the trees while looking for bass

I'll be launching out of the marina next week to see what that part of the lake has to offer these days.


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That's a beautiful lake. Going to make it a point to get back over there. Sounds like you found some action.