Crabbing in Winchester Bay


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Went to Winchester Bay last Thursday (9-13) and threw in a couple Danielson crab pots off the crab pier, soaked for about 5 hours. Pulled up a dozen crabs but all were good sized females and only one male who was not quite legal. Most others on the pier had not caught many; then I saw the Yaquina go by. It would be nice to know where they were going to be dredging, so I could avoid those spots ;) Anyone know how to find out where they will be dredging?



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Was the dredge heading in or out?
Of course that provides little information really, with it being a hopper ship it could have been just heading out to dump the hoppers or in after dumping them.
You may be able find the area of ship operations by contacting the public affairs office of the Army Corps of Engineers. I'm sure they are the ones in charge of dredging operations in US waterways.

Public Affairs Office U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Portland District P.O. Box 2946 Portland, OR 97208-2946 (503) 808-4510

I'd try to call them myself but due to hearing loss I can't use a phone.
If you find out let us know.


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Thanks for the reply, plumbertom, I will get ahold of the Corps of Engineers and see if I can figure out the dredging schedule.

From what I gathered from other folks crabbing on the dock, it had arrived the day before so it must have been coming back in after dumping the hoppers.


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I've been talking with my fishing partner about trying out Winchester Bay.
Our normal haunt is Charleston on Coos.
But looking to save a little fuel and time on the drive from Eugene, we have been talking about Salmon Harbor.
I wonder about the rockfish in that area though.
We've been doing okay at Coos Bay fishing rockfish while soaking our pots.
If Winchester can offer a reasonable expectation of catching rockfish as well as crabs that would be a great place.
We do our fishing and crabbing from a 16' jon boat so we are pretty much limited to calmer waters.