Crab or salmon

Alright OFFERS. It has been about 4 years since i was last out on the Ocean on a guided trip. I could go for a guided trip again... but would rather try and swoop up an extra seat! It can either be for just crab, or Salmon, maybe even Tuna (never done that before.)

Check it out...

I'm a great team player, always on my AAA game. Always know every bit of my surroundings, not lazy when out on the water. The Nicest person you will ever meat in the world... Fur REEL. I do have quite a bit of knowledge on multiple species, you could learn something new and i'm sure i would too. It would be a great time for sure. I have my own gear, mostly spinning, have cannon ball weights, can get hooks/tie leaders up/do all the prep work if need to be. I have put a few salmon in our boat trolling before. The only thing i dont have is the right trolling set (rods/real) I have the other gear.

I will help with the mess. by saying that, yes it is also my job to help clean up all the mess i helped make during the day on the water. We catch 1 fish, and it happens to be my rod that goes off.. You get half. I can help with gas. I have crab pots and can get a hold of bait.

So i'm ready to fish, What do ya say?? Ocean Preferably. I know there are a few on here that offered me a seat in the past and it just wasn't able to get set in place at the right time. This year lets make it happen.

I know where fish are and the crab are. So lets get to it and have some good fun fishing!! I do not get sea sick and am very custom to boat fishing!
Short Notice!! I have this thursday off. I plan on Jetty fishing so far, but if someone has an open seat i can hop on that would be sweet! Preferably someone with adequate experience in fishing the bays. I do know a thing or two tho