Crab buoy tagging?


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My fishing buddy sent me a message about a coming requirement that crab trap buoys are to be tagged with a traceable Identification.
Anyone else heard about this?
I see no problem with it as that's always been required that you put your license number on your trap buoys in CA where I grew up fishing.
I'm just curious whether a separate tag can be attached to the buoy or line at the buoy or if the ID must be written on the Buoy itself.


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I've done this for years. I had a bunch of ear tags left over from the days I had a herd of beef cows. I wrote my boat name and registration #, my name and phone number on the tags with an indelible ink pen. I zip tied one tag in the pot and one tag on the top buoy. The tags are made of a flexible plastic and they are still on the pots after years of crabbing.
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I only crab in the bays but have put my name and phone # on my bouys in the hope it might get returned if lost.
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