Crab bait tip


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this is what I use to get a nice scent stream in the water for the crab to follow (very important when the crab are spread out)-

big pack of cheap chicken drumsticks (usually marked out at half price), marinated at least 24 hours in the fridge in enough Crab and Shrimp fuel to fully coat them and a good tablespoon or so of Bloody Tuna powder (it sticks all over them). I leave them in the ziplock with any extra marinate, spread them out so they don't freeze in a big block (I usually take just 4 with me, hang one in each trap using a re-usable nylon zip tie).

I take the drumsticks frozen, this keeps more of the marinate and tuna powder on them until they hit the bottom...I also take a small Pro-Cure injector bottle of the Crab Fuel to inject into my bait each time I check my pots.