Couple hawgs from Ore. another bassin update

DONKEYS!!! all "let go" biggest went 8lbs then 6.5 so on.... good day best 5 bass for the day went 23lbs+ good day in any state and my p/b 5 limit for Ore.
Throbbit _Shane
daaaaaaamnn Colby those are some hawgs!!!
Those are some pigs man way to go!
man colby, nice fish bro
Holy cow man! Those are some HUGE bucket mouths!!
the salmon kid
wow man those are huge where did you get those man i never seen fish that big in the expo or at any pond ive ever fished
looks like its been good man
Throbbit _Shane
the scenery looks like Selmac :D the third photo with the power lines gives it away for me :)
Nice job with the fish, way to show us how its done!
Holy Bass Breath!! :shock: Those beasts are jaw droppers! :clap: Congratulations! Very impressive. :yay: :yay: :yay:
Great Job Bro.

Those are Reel Beauties

Look like some the size Superfluke has shown pics of.

Troutier Bassier
Nice Fish man!
Sorry I deleted my Myspace so we can't talk that often. :( But again good job!
Beautiful bass dude!!! Thanks for sharing.
booyah.......great looking fish !!!!!!
Johnny Southpaw
Nice freakin' fish-those are beasts! Way to go man.
Them are some Fattastic Bass... Good job
Throbbit _Shane said:
the scenery looks like Selmac :D the third photo with the power lines gives it away for me :)

shhhhhhhhh.... lol theyre still in there good luck gettin em' though if someone does do us all a favor and keep the good genes runnin in that lake they were definitely a couple huge bass
Leaping lizards! I didn't think it was legal to use small children for bait these days ;) Wicked sick fish:cool:
haha ya it was a pretty good day best 5 went 23+lbs that day jigs and swimbaits my go-to baits for big oregon largemouth prevailed again!
Finneus Polebender
Expect to see this one on the tour some day! Beautiful fish Colby nobody posts more quality fish here than you !
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