Could use a new rod/reel...

For the past... 3+ years? I have been using a cheap ($35?) spinning combo by Shakespeare and it is getting rather old.
I have several coupons for Dick's and want a new spinning reel/rod... Looking for under $80 total. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah...
this is for steelhead/coho/ that general area for fish and for spinner fishing and drift fishing... just something decent all around
Get yourself a Berkley IM7. I've heard great things about em.
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just get the im8 berkley works for stealhead and salmon just fine ... also even cheaper is the okuma celio poles i just got that one today....
the im8s are still pretty expensive in my eyes...:redface:

im looking at the Okuma Connoisseur.. only 45 :)
But reviews say its really flexible/sensitive or it breaks really easily or is too stiff.

And I might need a reel to go with it...

Whats more important: Reel or rod?
aka trouble
umm i would say a good reel is important pm me i may be able to help u with reel for free i got a nice shimano ill give you ... im 8 is only 70 bucks and from wat i can tell it seems good to go but okuma are pretty sweet too ....
I would just buy a CHEAP reel and save for an IM8.. It's only $25 more and you'll be so much more happy you did.
I've got two Okuma Celilo rods. Great bobber rods! But they aren't that sensitive. If you really want to go cheap I'd get one of those. Think they are $35. I think it's impossible to break my 9'6 4-10lb Celilo. I've landed a lot of big chinook with it and that 16lb native steely and it refuses to break.
All the more expensive reels I've bought have broken in the same amount of time as the really really cheap ones. I wouldn't pay more than $30 for a reel. Don't go Okuma with reels. All 3 I have right now, the anti-reverse's do not work. KNUCKLE BUSTERS!!
the im8's at dick's (online) only go to 9'6", medium action, and cast 3/8-3/4 (+) oz for 80 or 90 . Im looking at dick's because i have a $20 score certificate

and.. Im looking for something that will be sensitive but not too expensive because Im only fishing once a month... twice if Im lucky. I've seen people fish with a stick and a spool of line so Im thinking that a good rod is more important.

Im looking at reviews for the celilo and people say its very sensitive, casts well, and is light... but that is the trout rod version

Im still leaning towards the Connoisseur

Or the celilo... they are just about the same price
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I have a Celilo and it works good for me. :) Thats would I would buy. The Connoisseur looks nice too but I never fished it,.

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