Cottage Grove Lake Fishing

I'd like to try Cottage Grove Lake Fishing so I'm in need of your experience on this water. Any tips as to where and how to fish Cottage Grove Lake will be helpful.

Thanks and tight lines,
from a boat. i here you can cast out a mouse and it will never make it ot he bank. whoops did i say that?
lmao thuggin, As far as cottage grove lake i dont have much input, I do have a little on dorena lake, I tend to avoid places where you have to pay to park
You don't have to park in the pay area.
Finneus Polebender
boat w/motor kinda necessary for access to all the resivoirs have to offer. Usually comes with launch fees then you can fish whatever you want wherever . Have done well in years past trolling lake gear for trout and fishin the grass flats and coves for bass no longer have access to power boat so I shy away from big water /long rowing sessions.
Cottage Grove Lake Fishing

Lot's of people fish at the dam, there are some big bass down there. I've seen quite a few monster bass come out from the dam area with just a worm on a hook. I don't recommend eating the fish that come out of Cottage Grove lake, as they all have extremely high Mercury levels, and should be eaten with caution. They don't recommend elderly, youth, or pregnant women to eat anything from that lake, and a healthy adult should eat no more than a single fish. Beautiful Lake, good fishing most of the time, and great for swimming/boating/skiing. (I grew up in Cottage Grove)

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