Coos Bay crabbing May 29


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slow crabbing for Pepper and I on May29 in the channel off the submerged jetty, not as many in there are I was expecting, 5 keepers (3 hard, 2 softer but full of meat), I was expecting better. a powerful 27" lingcod made my day, I got him on my first drift down the jetty....cheers, roger



we did get to crash some tasty waves on the way back across the bay, just as the wind was picking up to >10mph....

and she gives '2 paws up' for the chicken strips and waffle basket at DQ...



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Yeah, all I hear is that the crabbing has been pretty slow in the bay near Charleston.
I haven't been out in quite a while due to health problems between my fishing partner, his wife and myself.
This being old has it's drawbacks.
I have a little problem that will be taken care of come Tuesday and then a few days after that, provided all goes well, we should be looking for the right opportunity to get on the water again.
I hope the Crabbing improves.
Have you been to the Siuslaw of late, Roger?


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Good luck with that Sunset Bay launch.
I've considered trying that with my boat jsut not confident that it would go well.
I don't believe my 4x4 diesel would have any problem in the sand, just not sure how the beach launch would work out.
Of course my curiosity about the Slaw is due to it's 1-1/2 hour closer proximity to Eugene.
I just with there was decent rockfishing there.