Considering making a trip to Henry Hagg?

Nice job man. i ended up just hitting the mkenzie an upper long tom, bolth pruduced well. Many 13" and and 14" hens, alotta eggs. 1 nice male at 14" with a hooked jaw like a spawned salmon


Well done @CARPCOMMANDER! Got any pics?

And just so everyone else understands the regs on those two streams--as most other streams are now closed:

Long Tom River and Tributaries
• Open all year for trout. Harvest allowed ONLY from May 22 - Oct 31, 2 per day, 8 inch minimum length, remainder of year catch-and-release.
• Use of bait allowed.

McKenzie River and Tributaries
The following apply to open sections below: * (see regs for more details)
• Open all year for trout (hatchery fin-clipped fish), hatchery steelhead, and wild steelhead greater than 24 inches in length.
• 5 hatchery trout per day, no minimum length.
Wild trout must be released, including brook trout.
I own a 52acre property with the longtom on it for like half a mile or so. alotta trout hold in a few holes that only get picked at by me.. i dont typically take pictures these days unless there food or huge so i didnt take any really... besides this lil sweetie
About 3.5"


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