Considering making a trip to Henry Hagg?

Do you guys think its worth it to try to make a trip up to henry hagg lake for rainbows theese next few weekends? I checked the stocking schedule and it was stocked recently. It will be bank fishing. Any pointers or places to start would be would be greatly apreciated?
I live 2 and a half hours or more away.. haha wanted to know if it was really worth the drive up? I live a hour off the mkenzie and it shreds... i have the longtom on my property for 1/2 mile and it hits.. should i waste the time to drive up there i mean? What are my chances of getting something bigger then 14"... haha thanks


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If you have that near you, then yeah, nah. Don't bother. There's nothing special about Hagg.

I just get a little testy when folks post up looking for fishing reports, instead of just going fishing and telling us about it.
So its not the trophy lake ive heard it is? Hah I live in between eugene and flowrence.. and im sorry you feel that way.. it was just a question


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Trophies ? Meh. It's a mile and a half long body of water that is stocked regularly by ODFW. It is heavily fished, so there are not a lot of fish that holdover from fall to spring, especially now that it is open year round. Any trophy fish are broodstock that are planted. Any other lake that is stocked by ODFW has the same fish in it.



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Dang @pinstriper who peed in your oatmeal.

They stocked Hagg the last week of October. Last report I saw from a guy (on another site) who fishes there a lot (trolls) and he caught a 19" and a 20" fish and lost a few other biggies while culling through a lot of fish while filling his limit with quality fish.

I disagree with @pinstriper , I think Hagg holds over a lot of fish. The lake is really not that heavily fished given the number of fish they put in there. I can't speak for shore fishing but trolling in my kayak produces a wide mixture of fish. Heavily colored fish and super chrome looking fish. I think that for the most part the colored fish are the stockers (except when in spawning colors) and the chrome fish are the holdovers (predatory advantage in open water just like ocean salmon).

I would expect Hagg to fish great while trolling right now but I have never shore fished there so I can't really say if that is worthwhile.


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Just my opinion. I could be completely wrong.

I went to Hagg once in the winter a number of years ago and it was calm and sunny. I ended up catching about 10 trout if I recall. The cool thing that still sticks with me is that there was a midge hatch in the afternoon and the number of trout rising was pretty impressive. Winter fishing is nothing like fishing during the stocking periods but I think it is worthwhile if you have the ability to cover water.

I have no idea if shore fishing is worthwhile or not.


The 'bow in the pics, from March of '13, with an 11.32 lb one-year holdover brooder. Which then was the season opener. It was 29" from tip to tip.

I was banking it that day. But the dude to my right, and I, both saw that fish go airborne with a dark red Hum Dinger wobbler embedded in its jaw! They lucky dude who hooked it, was trolling in a 'toon.

After about 20 minutes or so many of bank maggots reeled in, and put our gear down. He was in a major battle with a 5' ultralight rod, and 6lb. monofilament. He yelled to his pontoon buddy up the channel about 100 yards; to come and help him. His net wasn't large enough!

At first the buddy thought he was pulling his leg. So we hollered back and said (something like) "he's a beast". "We saw it and it's at least 6 or 7 pounds!" "Reel in and row over and help your friend...we can't net at the bank". It was a spectacle to be sure; with a lot of anticipation; and a dab of anxiety for our fellow angler.

It was a 45-minute long war of epic proportions. With multiple, and extended, drag-stripping runs. But we all banded together and got it done; as pics will attest. I took both pics myself (with permission). And I was at the Lake Stop Grocery nearby as it was being weighed, and measured. Which is when Sherry (SP?) [store owner] showed me how to identify a hold-over.

There used to fish like that every season. With my first trip there circa '09 or '10. Which I personally saw when those boats were taking out. Sadly I haven't seen any like that since about '15 or so. I'm not saying that there aren't. But I'd suspect the odds are lower now.

P.S. There are native cutthroat trout in Hagg. Please do not harvest them. Release any caught, without harming them. So you're not a party to extinction.


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Here is a head shot, and the Hum Dinger spoon that it munched.

P.S. I only nabbed one fish that day. But it was a respectable 17" 'bow. Which was a ton of fun, with my 1-piece 5' Lamiglas "S" glass rod. Hollow fiberglass only in production for short time. Touted as 25% lighter, and 25% greater butt-to-tip flex, than Fenwick's "E" glass. Although I suspect that Fenwick's "Supreme Glass" series was very similar to "S" glass. As those blanks are also hollow and translucent.

P.P.S. Don't fret...the "Fenwick man" was indeed ALSO fishing with a favorite Fenny stick that day. I never leave home without a Fenny glass rod or three. lol


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@CARPCOMMANDER sorry for the hi-jack. But I thought that you might enjoy that epic saga, as much as the rest of us.

I've not fished it in "winter" per se. But the season openers used to be on the first Saturday of March. Which is pre-equinox (so technically not yet officially winter). And the temps have, at those times, were sometimes in the upper 20's.

Cast out but close to shore before the sun hits the water. The minute that the sun comes out--be ready to cast into deeper water. Because the fish will dive so that predators can't spot them from the air, or from their perches.

You can also cast spinners, spoons, or flies early and before the sun pops out. As the fish will be close to shore.

Berley Power Eggs and inflated worms w/ scent would be my baits of choice. Even a Wickiup Sandwich. Which is a partially inflated worm, marshwallow, and one or two Pautzke's salmon eggs.
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“P.S. There are native cutthroat trout in Hagg. Please do not harvest them. Release any caught, without harming them. So you're not a party to extinction.”

Well said Dude.

Sorry to hijack the thread, The coastal cutties are a precious resource. please use constraint when targeting them.

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I figured after contradicting @pinstripe I needed to put my money where my mouth is so i hit Hagg up yesterday. I started out by fishing where i did well last month - along the ramp C shore. That did not produce anything. I then trolled along the no wake zone buoys and that was not fast action but produced a fish every half hour. All nice sized, 12 to 14".

I then moved to troll along the shoreline along boat ramp A. That was a good move. Lots of trout in that area. I was getting 3 to 4 bites each past. A lot more small fish in that area but I also caught my biggest as well (16" and really fat).

I ended the day bass hunting. Caught two interceptions the pound a half range. Overall it was a pretty decent day.

I will write up a full report with pics and video later.