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Did anyone make it to Crane for opening weekend, was wondering how the snow pack was around the Quinn River area?



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Barb - you just lost your job as navigator. :lol:

Troutski - please post up conditions if you go. Next week starts an 8 week fishing window for me. crane, wickiup, prineville, and ochoco basses are going to know me personally. :)


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There is some spots of snow in the Quinn CG, but most of it can be avoided and a good number of sites available. There has been no maintenance at all in the CG or roads in and out of the boat ramp. A TON of blowdown everywhere, including all over the loop thru the CG. You can navigate most of it, but some sites are covered in blowdown. Bring a chainsaw and clear one out.

The fishing has been very slow, water high and pretty cold due to some stormy cold weather last few days. I've scratched out a few fishing tiny flies, but fish are not grabby quite yet, very slight takes. Just a reminder if you're bonking those muddy tasting fish, no wild fish retention as per new regs.