Colombia River Smallie Report, 8-1-09

Troutier Bassier
It was a Great Day,
We got 3 Smallies to the Boat,
But we hooked about 10, But when we raised our rods to get them in, They got off? :think::rolleyes::lol:

But The biggest was caught by Me (Of Course) ;)

14" Female, 2.5 Lb Smallie.

And Who ever was on the river that time by Sandy had to have seen this.


Good job! Nothing like being top dog and besting everyone in the group. :clap: Definite bragging rights! Sooo,that's what you look like. Now I'll know who to watch out for if I get up your way.

Be safe.
well done young sir! :dance:

you got a pic of the 2.5lbr?
Hey Barb, The tight pink pants will be the dead giveaway :D :D
Sorry troutier, I couldnt help myself. Gotta hate when fish find a way to magically miss hooks!
Is that guy holding a maching gun?! :shock::think:
Congrats on the fish TB. Good thing the skinny pants didn't scare them away this time. JK. And if you like the choppers like that you should see them tear out of the Salem airport 4 at a time in formation. First time I saw it happen I went and stocked up on food and water for a month.

That's how they should control poachers
Troutier Bassier
Yep, Looked like one of 'em Fancy Smancy .50 Cal Machine gunnys.

It was just flying around,
It was flying Soo low though, Like If I thre a baseball in the Air I could hit it, No joke.
osmosis said:

That aint a heli... thats the back of a plane or something.
Training exercises

Training exercises

They were probably doing the S&R training excercises. They do that down here too. It's even freakier when they do it at night with spot lights. I thought aliens were comin to take my tow truck and probe me.
Troutier Bassier
Couldve Been.

But in Other Words, Im taking my Newbie friend to the Colombia Sometime. Ill come back with a report.
FishSchooler said:
That aint a heli... thats the back of a plane or something.

ahahah good observation FishSchooler.
I am betting the helicopter you saw was part of this. I believe part of it was going down in oregon. However I am at work and can't dig too much more. The time frame seems about right.
My oldest Brother was a crewchief on a copter in Vietnam...
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