Cold,wet on the Wilson"but"

Casting Call

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I had the pleasure to fish with a fellow OFFer and a great guide today. Saw alot of DBs at dark 0:thirty. Fished til 10:30. Never saw anyone else catch anything,alot of action on the river, afew rollers. Let me do a Shout-Out for Tanner and his guideing service. That man works very hard at what he does as a guide. He's apporachable and easy to talk to. The wens and whys all fall into place with his knowlage. I'll RUN with him again soon. Give him a call, talk to him you'll see what I mean. My friend CRN_Jim it was pleasure to fish with you today along with the recon trip after the float. We will do even better next trip. All you OFFers have a great New Years. Tony


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Thanks Tony and the pleasure is all mine. The recon trip with you, was helpful and as a relative novice appreciate the wisdom of an experienced fisherman.

I second the Shout-Out for Tanner for the runs in the last two days. Tanner is patient and knowledgable and open to questions. I look forward to our next outing.