I've been trying for a bit and have seen nothing as far as fish on or bites or fish on the bank. The river was churning with them tonight and nothing but some guy trying to floss fish at the mouth of the clack.

Anyone have tips on where to go for spinner or egg fishing on the lower clack, I've never been teased so much by fish.
the fish are just coming in, there are very few fish in the clackamas its matter of time when we have them all!!!
Pink Rooster Tails are a good bet. I'd think any flies w/ pink would work too...if you don't mind switching tactics.
Do they slam the spinners pretty hard? or is it a more subtle bite?
Get the blade going real SLOW. Cast straight upstream and a slow retrieve on the bottom. Get's it in their face.
The used to SLAM n' DUNK the pink roosters, on the Siletz tribs (which we can longer fish legally).
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