coho eggs

so i have freshly cured coho eggs and i was wondering if these cohos would hit their own eggs? i get the concept of how the next species eat the previous eggs laid but has anyone had any luck using coho eggs on cohos?
YES. Of course everyone has their own special cure so I can't help ya on the recipe. But coho eggs work on coho, chinook, and steelhead. I think my favorite eggs are Fall Chinook eggs though. Seems I get the best results with them.
Yeah of course they will work. they will work for any species that you would use eggs to catch. fish dont know what kinda of eggs there are hitting as long as they look/smell/feel right they will work. no if they were hard and molding i would say that they can tell that and would leave them alone. Good luck with them i had some good luck on winter steel with my coho eggs last year. Whatever you do dont dye them blue or green thats just a sales gimic.
thanks for the tips
Fall Chinook and coho and winter steelhead have lots of fat in their eggs. Thats a good thing for a great cured egg!
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