Coastal Rivers?

:think:Wanting to head towards the coast this coming week and have no idea where to go, have never went west to fish before looking for some good advice on rivers and holes. I am looking for winters and want to get to know the areas just not sure where to start. Any help?
A lot of it is going to depend on the weather and if the rivers are blown out or not. The Wilson, The Sandy, Clack all have fish in them. If you're wanting to meet up with a few of us..... we'll be taking over the Wilson this coming Saturday. You're more than welcome to join us.
Yeah I was thinking the Wilson! I had read a few of members are heading over there. Never fished the water though but either way will be fun. Thanks Man.:D:D
Yeah all the rivers have fish in them. Its just if the water permits. If the water drops enough for the wilson this saturday it should be an excellent day! Lots of fish are going to be in there..and there is TONS of holes to hit...I would suggest anywhere higher on the system..
sweet deal man..:cool: thanks
What about the Salmonberry river? I just drove up there with a few friends this morning in our trucks and the water is pretty high. I might go out there again Wednesday and fish.
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