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Saw these on a Angler West show and look interesting
Would really help when trolling to get a lure closer to shore or away from the boat.
Maybe I wouldn't have to longline back so far just don't know if the release works with braid
A bit pricey though.

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I've contemplated those for a long time. But have never bit. Seems a bit confusing to use. Although I have no personal/practical experiences.

Hope that we hear from those who regularly use them. So that I can learn more about how they are deployed.


I thought those looked interesting too until I saw their ridiculous price for a piece of plastic with a strip of foam. I've used Lure Jensen's and "Sindwinder's" quite a bit for bank fishing steelhead on the Deschutes and even Walleye, boat fishing on the Columbia. I'll stick with them.
Pretty much has to be a places where you won't interfere with others. They can be very helpful.


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I was about to put the pegs in mine, I’ll see if I can squeeze it in today. I’ll be in Havasu in a week and try them out.
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