Cleaning dungeness crab


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light wind and 'soft' high tides this week made for excellent back-to-back outings on Coos Bay.

Tuesday the fishing was slow but Pepper didn't care, more treats for her.

Wednesday conditions were perfect down low, the last 3 hours of incoming tide was almost slack due to outflow of water this time of year, and I pulled up another limit of crab plus I released 2 just barely undersized lings (and lost a larger one)

Anyway, I decided to take some video of how I clean and cook my crab, that starts at 2 minutes in the video if you want to jump to that.

I have to stash crab all over the kayak, front hold gets 3 or 4, my bait tub holds ~6 (any more and they start crawling out the top, I can't have them leaving the boat, they have dinner reservations with my wife and I) usually stuff a couple under my fishing gear bag, maybe leave a couple in the trap from the last pull. Total chaos. So when I get back to launch point, first thing is to load them all into my box trap, double check my count and release any extras, and then I toss that pot out in the surf so they 'can get all happy' while I lead up and have some eats. (I lock the trap doors closed with reusable nylon zip ties, no way any of those guys are wandering OFF now). Takes me an hour to get home so I load them up in a cooler, fill it with salt water and seaweed and toss in 2 frozen water bottles to keep them cool. The fun starts once they reach my cleaning station:

PS- caught this limit using 3 rockfish carcasses, 5 marinated chicken drumsticks and a bit of fishing scent.

PSS- if you want to see Pepper actually catching treats on the kayak, this is the short video from Tuesday:


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I will give that cleaning method a try. I remove the shell first then break the body in two.