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I'm thinking about installing a cat door so when we're camping we don't have to worry about the cat. My question is: will other critters use this entry way into our house? I'd hate to come home and find a possum, skunk, raccoon, or other cats in the house.
I would get rid of the cat, and spend the saved money on fishing gear.
You can spray wolf urine around the entrance, but then there's a chance your cat won't use it at all.
Maybe I sould put you in contact with a buddy and he'll tell you how to get skunk smell out of a $2,000,
Get a cat sitter AKA girlfriend.
Looks like we're taking the stupid cat camping.
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Unfortunately, if there's even a slight smell of cat food the possums and racoons will eventually find their way. Skunks are even worse. I agree that a cat sitter is the best option.
Yeah, it sucks because our old sitter moved a few months ago and we can't afford to pay anyone to drive out here to deal with it. We've taken him camping with us before and the wife's not backing down. Stupid cat!
Cat what cat? ooopppss must have got out and ran away, sorry babe!
She'd be devastated. To be honest I'd be bummed too. He's a really good cat.
Best way to train a Cat

Best way to train a Cat

TTFishon said:
..... We've taken him camping with us before and the wife's not backing down. Stupid cat!

First OFF if the cat is litter trained just use an extra large water dish and food bowl.

If not, get the cat trained....... With a 12 Gauge:shock:.
He is litter trained and I've already suggested that.
they acually make doors that have collars. when the animal gets near the door it will open automaticcly for him or her.....not sure if they make it for cats
That would have to be one high priced door then.
ya 4 sure, i dont know how much, ive just heard of them.....better yet get rid of the
I've heard of 'em too. I'm sure they are pretty spendy.
Looks like you have a camping cat.
It looks like its all been said, and for the record, I agree with all of it. Happy camping. It'd be a shame if that cat ran off on ya.
He won't run off. He likes to hang out in our tent trailer. I just hate listening to him wine during the 2 hour drive.
There is an outfit in Millersburg that sells electronic pet doors. A sensor on their collar, triggers the door to open as they get close. So, it keeps other critters out.

Here's what is on google:

We thought about getting one of those but our cat seems to lose his collars.
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