Carp in southern Oregon Jackson and Klamath County?


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Since the dams have been pulled from the Rogue River I heard the carp population has gone down in the river. As I understand it there was even a bowfishing guide service above Gold Ray dam before it was removed. Anyone have input on a good location to start?

I've read rumors on here the ponds behind the ampetheatre and most other ponds also hold carp. Are there any in Emigrant Lake etc?

I'm based in Klamath Falls but have a buddy in Medford and we're eager to hook a carp. Thank you for any help you may offer a carp noob. :D
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All of the expo ponds hold carp. You can also find Carp in the Denman Wildlife area ponds, the main pond is behind the odfw office.

Other then those ponds im having a hard time of thinking of places with carp, I used to live in Medford . If you float the Rogue and find some back water sloughs you might find some.

Emigrant has a good abundance of perch that could be fun to catch during the summer.


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Thanks for the info big dog, I'm headed over to my buddy's pad this weekend and will try out a few spots. if all else fails I'll go after some trout or smallmouth bass etc. :yay: