Carp friends


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Hi everyone, so I've just joined the group and already love what I'm seeing. I love to see the sport of carp fishing growing.

I just had had a couple of things to say;

First of all, Carp care. Some of the fish in these waters are over 20 years old and it kills me when I see people dragging them up on the bank and scrapping all of there scales off and injuring the fish, if you can please all use at least a landing Net to assist with getting the fish out of the water it would help tremendously.
You can find carp nets online for fairly cheap at Big Carp Tackle and other online stores l.

Secondly, I'm looking for a fishing buddy. Someone who's willing to sit out those long biteless evenings in search of 30Lb fish. someone who appreciates these magnificent animals apposed to wanting to hunt them or kill them with a bow.

I moved here from England recently where carp fishing is huge, so maybe I can teach you a few things too.

Hit it me up if anyone's interested.

Heres some one of my recent captures.

Tight lines all



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Welcome to OFF, and to Oregon! Hopefully you won't bump into any fish that, are timey wimey or wibbly wobbley!