Can someone help with the gas pumping law?


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Not looking for opinions on pumping your own gas, I just want to know if it's legal for me to remove the nozzle from my vehicle, place it back on the pump, put my gas cap back on, and drive away.

Seems like the biggest wait is at the end of pumping, where either you're filled or you've reached your payment amount, and you just need an attendant to remove the nozzle and close the cap. I thought i had read somewhere that you could, is this true?


I have been lurking here for a few months, great site!

In Oregon it is illegal to pump your own gas but it is legal to pump your own diesel. Gas explose, diesel doesn't. So to try to answer your question, are you pumping your own gas if you hang up the nozzle???? To simplify the answer, has anyone ever seen anyone ticketed, arrested or fined for pumping their own gas? I hang up the nozzle all the time for the same reason you asked the question, I have never seen an angry attendant. Falls in the same category as ripping the tag off a mattress. A law without enforcement.


You can legally pump your own gas in designated rural areas, there will be signs at the pumps telling you it's okay. You can also legally remove the nozzle once the pumping has stopped and return it to the pump, replace your gas cap and go on your merry way. After all, the fish are waiting!! ?


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I would ask the attendant if he wants the help
Or get a CFN or Pacific Pride card


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It's a bullcrap law, and all the justification is also unmitigated bullcrap. Are you telling me that the residents of 48 other states are all able to pump gas without blowing themselves up, but it is somehow only dangerous in Oregon ?

Just how many hours of state certified training does it take for a gas pumper to get qualified to work at a gas station ? How many retraining hours/year ? How is the effectiveness of that training measured ?

Hell, I still catch gas pumpers trying to "top off" which has been illegal for what, 15 years now ?

In summation: it's bullcrap and so is everyone who supports the bullcrap law.


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Law is stupid, but straight forward. You can pump your own in counties that have less than 40,000 residents 24 hours per day. and in a handful of other counties you can pump your own from 6PM to 6AM.

It's a completely stupid law, we should be able to fill our own tanks. If you ever travel out of Oregon, you have to pump your own. I went to Boise back in March, it was hilarious seeing all the metro motorists in Ontario trying to figure out how gas pumps worked, or waiting for someone (who was not coming) to come pump their gas.

Honestly, if the attendant is busy or just lazy and inattentive, hang up your pump yourself and leave, no one is going to chase you down and ticket you.


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The way I look at it is it maintains jobs in Oregon. Sure its not 30 a hr but for retired old farts like me it can help.
A lot of people can only get part time work and pumping gas can at least help some and I know a few guys that work 6 days a week and 4 different jobs
Anyone who is willing to work and not stand on the corner with a sign wanting hand outs or dealing in drugs and doing burglaries has my respect


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It is a funny law. I can pump gas in my boat which holds 120 gallon, but not in the truck that pulls the boat?? But what I hate the most is going out of state and sitting in my truck like a fool waiting for the gas jokey to pump my gas, then someone reminds me you need to pump your own gas.