Can I remove and wash the canvas on our tent trailer

Our tent trailer has a fair amount of mildew and mold to clean off of the canvas. I was wondering if anyone knows if I can remove the canvas and wash at the laundromat and then reinstall?
I used to have a tent trailer now I own a trailer with tent trailer-like fold out beds. The only thing that's going to remove the mold is water and a little bleach. You run the risk of damaging the canvas by totaly removing it.:)
Thanks OTF. As it is now we are looking to buy a different one or maybe a small camp trailer. Thanks again.
I can't believe our luck. Me and the wife decided to sell the tent trailer. Put a sign on it for $200 and within an hour had it sold for the asking price. Looked on Craigslist and found another one for sale in Springfield for $800. Checked it out, offered the guy $600, and wouldn't you know it, he lowered the price to $550! The best part is this trailer is newer and in a way better condition of our last one.:D
Hey right on man sounds like everything worked out.
Yeah, just in time for camping too. It wouldn't have been as good of a trip in a tent. I don't mind tent'n it but my wife hates it and we all know that when the woman's not happy then the man's not happy. lol
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