Can anyone clue me in?


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Looks like the first trout stocking on the schedule for Junction City pond is this week.
Anyone know what day they stock?
I'd like to go do a little diddling around the pond but not if there is no fish in it.
I haven't done this in a long time but what I used to do is contact ODFW and ask them because they will have the more detailed stocking schedule as far as which day specifically they are stocking. If you want to go the day of from my experience they usually hit the ponds to stock them around 12-1. (around 80% of the times I've showed up for right when they stocked its been around that time) If you want some fun trout fishing I'd suggest trying to do this. About 5-10 minutes after they leave the truck the bite is almost instant. Last time I did this at St. Louis Ponds I got around 75 fish in an hour.

However, I have not done this since they changed things a little while ago. I'd still give it a try though. Here is their main phone # (503) 947-6000 or (800) 720-6339 hopefully you can get the info you're looking for. Have fun out there.


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Great advice. But they NEVER guaranteed me a specific date, nor time. And I called them OFTEN, to check their confirmation line (or to speak personally with their employees). that much of their stocking is done, by private firms. Their confirmation line, is no longer in service.

So now it's really anybody's guess as to which dates, stockings actually occur.


It used to be on Tuesdays about noon or 1:00PM, but since the new guy started stocking it I haven't got a good feeling for it. Seems like when ever their truck is coming this way. They sure made they pond nice this year. I won't loose my Explorer in the pot holes any more. Good luck Tom. Dan


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That parking area sure needed some maintenance.
Of course my 4x4 Ram didn't car at all how rough it got.
Maybe i'll take a run to the Pond in little while.
The worst that could happen is I'll spend some time in the open before the rain tomorrow.


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Turns out the stocking schedule in the OFDW site is useless for the most part.
The private contractors That are now supplying JC Pond seem to just deliver fish whenever they are in the mood.
They delivered last week, not scheduled, and again this week, as scheduled.
Apparently this weeks delivery was on Monday morning around 9 AM.
They did however put in some nice sized fish.
I saw a 18'' and what I'd estimate to be a 24'' fish caught yesterday just after noon.
Several smaller fish were also landed while I was there. Most were being taken on flies and spoons/spinners.