Calling all pilots....

So,I've been evaluating my assets and abilities in preparation of rejoining the work force. There are still a lot of good years in this woman! ;) That is the first thing I re-discovered. I always tried to instill the "never give up,never give in" attitude in my children and have been challenged by both to live by it myself. So,what can I do? :D
I decided to investigate the opportunities of being in the Pilot Car Service industry. Do any of you have experience or knowledge of this? I would really like to hear any input. I know some states require them and I know training is essential. Beyond that,I need any help you can OFFer. Thanks for the help,I really do appreciate it. :pray:
Sis, i don't know any oversize vehicle Pilot's,

But a thought came to me...i've read on threads where OFFers & other forums, folks who are driftboat fishers, wish they knew someone that could drive them back to their Tow vehicle(for a fee), from where they want to take their boat out of the river.

Best of Luck to you.
Those are both great ideas! I hope you can make one, or both, of them work for you Barb.
Hawk,you are darn near a genius!! I never would have thought of that. I wonder if that would at least be gas money...I will investigate and let you know.
Thanks,Chromatose. Lots of good info there.
Thanks also to Qwapaw for his suggestion.
I am very encouraged right now.
Sis, if'n yer waiting around the river fer a client, pickup aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic. It's not much but at least some gas moolah$$,, 5cents a piece.

I've heard of folks driving Motorhomes from one location to another for Dealers, private owners,etc. Could also tow trailers, 5th wheels perhaps.
In some small towns, a few folks have jobs driving a small bus/van, taking folks to the bigger town for doctor appointments, dentist, groceries,etc.
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