Cabin on fire!! Fishing was not... Tenmile 5-17-20



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What a day! Spent 12 hours on the water at Tenmile yesterday, we saw just about every weather front you could imagine.

Started cold, windy and foggy. Sun broke through and it went dead still for a few hours.

Wind picked up and a rain front came through that turned into a massive squall, waves 1-2 and wind gusts of 28, luckily we were eating lunch at the pub.

We went back out after the storm and heard the fire boat, they response time was quick because by the time I saw the fire, pulled out my phone, and took a picture, they already had water on it. It was someone's vacation cabin, no people present, full involved. Cool to see the fire rescue in action for sure.

Ended the day still and clearish sky.

Now for fishing, I lost the best fish of the day at the kayak, ate a topwater frog off a weedline about 5 minutes after launching, probably 4-5lbs.

I caught 7 fish total after that, couple 1 pounders not pictured because it was pouring rain.

Hot bite was a green senko with a chartreuse tail

Other than that I threw a chatterbait, spinnerbait, rattletrap, frog, lizard, underspin, jigs, and a buzzbait to no avail.



Thanks for the report. Its been about 25 years since I fished Ten Mile. We camped at Honeyman State Park and the OHV's kept us awake all night. The first time I went there, it rained 5" the first day. We spent most of it at the bowling alley. I've found the green Senko with the chartreuse tail to be consistently good and almost always have one rigged.
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