Cabela's rebate


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If you turn in an old rod or an old reel that is in good working condition you get a rebate coupon based upon the purchase price of a new rod or a new reel. I brought in a rod and reel and got a rebate for both a new rod a new reel! This is going on at the Tualatin Cabela's. I am not sure about other locations. The cool thing is that they are collecting the equipment to donate to kids in need. Everybody wins.


Just go to their Website, and click on their Store Flier. The only problem, in person, between the dates, and only good that day (N0 Rainchecks). These promotions will run for about 3 or 4 days, and maybe twice a year. They also give a Miltary Discount (Miltary I.D. card, Reserve I.D. card, Retired I.D. card, and maybe V.A. I.D. card [my local Bass Pro does] every day.

You might check out Bass Pro Shops' Store Flier too...
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