Bustin my hump

I had back surgery in Sept and have not been cleared to do any work by my doctor, however I had three nice firs that died from the drought and had them topped and wanted them down. So today 2 of my neighbors came over to give me a hand. They (the trees) were close to the house so we used my bronco and its winch to gently guide the trees to where i wanted them. Bucked-em to managable lengths and hauled them away to their homes for further processing. For helping me my neighbors split the wood between them. Here is me n one of my mules and also the younger of my neighbors, now I have to be honest the hardest work I did was starting my rigs and running the throttle and winch. Hey its hard work and somebody had to do it. The youngest guy ran the saw and my other neighbor, he's 3 years old than I am, helped with the cables and was middle saftey man. 2 1/2 hours and the trees are down and delivered.



Glad you got some help! Most excellent.

FYI I "redirected" your thread, to a different heading. "Chat about the Forum", is for "matters" that concern the forum. So I felt that "OFF Topic"; was a better sub heading.
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Not a problem, my mistake as I chose the wrong heading. I am starting a new business and have been running solid since the 3rd. Besides that is what I have you guys/gals for is to keep me honest and out of troubls.


Hey Charlie...come to think of it...you should've entitled your thread..."Busting my stumps!" Or maybe "Busting my Stumps and Humps"! In the immortal words of Jimmy Durante..."I've got a million of 'em". LOL Glad to see that, you have great neighbors.
possible true, but I had a great time. I am restricted to what I can do and it does get trying at times.They will also enjoy the wood as they both burn wood and I don't. Gave that up when I bought this place and I still have three more to pull downt for them, although one is just a skinny thing. But they get the wood. Not two bad, a couple cords of wood for a couple hours work and the wood is ready to burn.
Yep and 7 of us are vets and 4 of us are Viet Nam vets, very quiet neighberhood. One VNV on the right, one VNV vacross the street and one VNV on the left and I am right in the middle. . .