Build it and they will come- for float fishermen

halibuthitman said:
yeah, or even putting a jig head in my fly vice... but from what ive seen most jigs are condemed to die on deadline wires and in trees... so I wasn't gonna mail order heads from norway to tie a jig im just gonna end up giving to Brandon- if your pickin up what im putting down.. i mean its not some uv rattlinging micro jig thats been blessed by a Rabbi, its just a bunch of 35 yr old fly material and a 2 cent hook... probably will catch a fish on its first cast and die in a tree on its second.. oh the sad short noble life of a crappy jig from scappoose-

I wouldn't even try that jig if I were you because you might be disappointed in the results.... a straightened hook! I did that last year; tied an experimental pattern on a crappy jig (from Freddy's), fished it, and hooked and lost a big fish with a straight hook. That's the last time I fished a jig.

B**ch creek is an awesome pattern!
I,ll take your word for it..
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