Brood trout in Walter Wirth?


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They're supposed to be dropping 1000 trophy sized trout in Walter Wirth Lake this week. Anybody ever have experience fishing for them? What can I expect and what should I use for lures?

Spinners and rooster tails are high on my list.


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That place is IMO the worst, and last, place that I'd consider fishing. I'm sure that there are decent folks who go there. But it's also mighty sketchy too. Wouldn't surprise me to find spent needles on the ground.

Having said that...I'd recommend power bait and/or worms/and or Pautzke's eggs. The fish don't move very fast, nor very far, to find an OFFering in cold water conditions. Although you could toss a Thomas Buoyant spoon and use it as a slow / fluttering jig.


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Thanks for the advice. Went there yesterday and got skunked. Not as many homeless people as I was expecting despite the overbearing presence on the way there. But you're right, way too many people. They were nice, but just too crowded for a fun relaxing day.
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