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Hey all,

New to here and maybe a redundant question. Know the fishing isn't ideal right now on Sandy, frankly just looking to take the lady for a fun quick float and get a little more comfy with my new 87 Clack (bought from original owner... he put it in the water maybe 15 times and left in a garage its whole life) before I head out to the Deschutes in a few weeks.

Is the Oxbow to Dabney even have enough water to drift down this time of year?

Thanks for any input.


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Welcome to the forum. This is a good site to check the water levels. I haven't run the river in years. But at this time of year through September I remember having to get out and pull the boat in a few sections. That happens even from Dabney to Lewis and Clark. I think a flow of 9' was a minimum.

Found this older thread from 2011 it might help:



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Its lowwww and you'll probably have to get out and drag a couple places. Also, there was a downed tree reported in the left channel above camp angelos a month or so ago, no idea if thats been cleared. The Clackamas is dam controlled, holds its level much better throughout the summer and is a better bet water-wise, but depending on the day/weather you'll be surrounded by drunk tubers which presents its own set of concerns.


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Thanks for the input guys!

@adamg Yeah I was thinking clack from mciver to Barton but told below Feldheimer I’d be SOL on floating. Not interested in dealing with drunk tubers from Barton down... Maybe my plans should change all together.
Floating from Barton to carver is not bad if you launch when the park opens. You probably won't see anyone until you are pretty close to carver.

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