Bottom fishing Garibaldi March 11, 2018

We left Portland at 6:00 a.m. and headed to Garibaldi, Glen, Jeff and Inna, to fish the Three Arches area. The morning was beautiful as we left the marina and headed south.
On the last trip, March 07, 2018, we found that the larger presentations were not as successful as usual for our primary target, ling cod. This time Jeff and Inna were using five-ounce flutter jigs that Jeff and I made the night before. We had attached eyes and hooks, but no paint. These were very popular to both the ling cod and the black rock fish. I was using a smaller curly tail than usual, with an eight-ounce jig head. The flutter jigs worked best, but my presentation did get my limit of ling cod and some sea bass. We were done fishing early, with limits of ling cod and bottom fish. We stopped at the Fish Peddler for a quick bite, a wonderful place, with excellent oysters and clam chowder. Back at home in Portland by 2:00 p.m. with everything cleaned up. The only thing better than the fishing was the wonderful nap I had, with windows open and a cool fresh breeze coming into the house.