Bonneville pool bank fishing

I'm trying to hook on to my first Sturgeon. I want to fish the Bonneville Pool since it's open until Feb 4th and have a chance to keep my catch. I'm bank fishing and hoping for some suggestions of decent spots in Oregon to try.

I took my boys out last Sunday east of Cascade Locks. My oldest son (he's 12 and a hell of a little fisherman) was excited to learn how to cast a 12' pole. He did really good and made me proud. My youngest who is 7 was fishing for Bass and Perch. None of us had a bite, we were at it for 5 hours. It was a perfect day on the Columbia, no wind and no rain.

No matter what, it as a perfect day to have our lines in the water and we had a blast! Any tips for these Dinos would be greatly appreciated.


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Fishing the Bonneville pool off the bank is tough I have tried it three times and only caught one shaker. There is bank access at cascade locks boat ramp at the east end of the park look for a cement wall, make sure you bring a rope to land your fish here. There are also a spot above Casade locks where there is a island visable from the freeway with a house on the east end of it and a large gravel pullout on the west bound side of I84. Wish I had a better description of where it is but its has been a couple years since the last time I tried. Good luck and tight lines.