Boater Safety

Well I was looking into this and it doesn't say anything about length but you must have your card if your operating a 10hp boat. So if I was to buy a cheap 400 dollar jon boat for ponds and small lakes and use oars would I need my boater certification card?
No if it is under 12' you don't have to register it.. if it is under 10hp you don't need a boaters card....
And if its under 10' I think you don't need the invasive species deal. Let me know if you need a motor for that jon boat.
The Oregon State Marine Board web site, has a lot of good information regarding registration requirements, boater cards, etc.
Adults 16 and over don't need a boater card to operate a power boat of 10 HP or less. Youngsters 12 to 15 do.
All power boats of any length and power (including electric) need to be registered in Oregon.
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