Boat questions?

So my grandfather has this old crappy 14' fiberglass single whole duck hunting boat hes had since the late 80s he dosnt ever use.. Baught it from a yard sale in WA with some shotty repairs and is in a semi bad state. Its a row boat, has no title or vin# plate? I'm not sure of the make but he said if I come get it I can have it. Always wanted to learn to do fiberglass so I was gonna go pick it up and repair the whole and make it pretty with a gel coat. But heres the question.. I believe it could easily take a out board although I havent seen it in a few years. How could I register it not as a home build? Hah or is it doomed to row the lakes for eternity?


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If it has never had a motor on it, which sounds like a good possibility, then there is a chance that it was never registered with a marine board. If it was registered at some point then there is a chance the the stickers are still on it. If you can get those numbers OFF then you can typically take those down and apply for a lost title.

Some times the ID plate is hidden. There is supposed to be two of them on every boat. One that is plainly visible, normally on the transom, and one that is hidden in an inconspicuous location. However that became a requirement in the mid 90's I believe so there is a chance that it only had one and has fallen OFF somewhere along the way. If you can find that second number plate then that will give you all of the information that you will need.

If that plate isn't there then I think you might have to register it as a home built. I am not completely sure about that though. Registering it that way isn't all that difficult.

Good luck with the fiberglass work. It is pretty straight forward for the most part. Like a lot of projects the better prep work you do the better, and easier, it will turn out.
From past experience from the early 80's small boats from WA don't have registrations, this is what I had to do to register one I got from up there. I got a bill of sale and presented it with the info I had to on the boat to Oregon. My best advice is to contact the licensing department for boats for Oregon. They will not only be up to date but accurate and will save you a bunch of headaches in the future.