Marine Blood Rock Fishing Reports

I had mentioned in a couple of earlier post that I was planning a trip with a couple of coworkers to Reedsport for their first attempts at crabbing. Well, sad to say those plans fell through. So instead I went last Sunday (the 18th) with my oldest son and we focused on rock fish instead of crabs. Started in Reedsport and seemed like quite a few folks were out crabbing with some success. A few folks were also pitching spinners from shore for salmon, but don't know how they were doing. My son and I hiked and fished our way out on the south side of the triangle (didn't go all the way to the end), and didn't have any luck at all. Back to the van for some lunch, then drove south to Bassendorf beach. Found a kelp bed and told son that was money, so we started fishing there. I had switched to bait and was running a two hook drop shot rig with gulp sand worm on one hook and shrimp on the other. Immediately got bites on the shrimp, but nothing was touching the gulp. Fish were stealing shrimp off my hook as fast as I could put em out there, much to my sons amusement. After the fourth or fifth stolen shrimp my son asked, "dad, do you hear that? Hear what?" I asked
"You can't hear that? It sounds like giggling and laughter. I think its coming from under the water. Pretty sure the fish are laughing at you".
"Yeah yeah, you funny child. Looks ain't everything, but you are funny". For some reason my family seems to take great delight in my consternation. At one point the shrimp hook came back with a piece of flat seaweed on it. My son said that not only was the fish laughing at me, he was also sending back the sea weed he used to wipe his backside after eating my shrimp. I suggested that walking back to Sutherlin would give him plenty of time to contemplate the wisdom of his witticisms at the expense of the man holding the car keys.
Eventually I switched to a 1/2 ounce jig head baited with shrimp under a slip bobber, and promptly hooked and landed a modest kelp greenling. This was quickly followed by an undersized cabezon. My son who was still using a drop shot rig, fed a few more shrimp to the fish before landing a pound and a half rock bass. He swung the fish over for me to put in the cool bag, but it slipped out of my hands and I wound up frantically grappling with it, trying to keep it from falling amongst the rocks, but to no avail. I was seriously sick about losing his only fish of the day and my hand was throbbing because of course in all the wild grabbing at the fish, I managed to jab several holes in my hand (don't think their spines are venemous, but maybe it's the slime or something cause it seemed to hurt worse than a normal spine jab). Then it occured to me that I hadn't heard a splash when the fish fell into the rocks and looking down, I couldn't see the fish, but I didn't see any water either. Climbing down a bit I was able to locate the fish below me, and when I told my son I thought I could get it, he shoved past me and went into the hole head first. Kids a shade over 6'2" and only thing sticking out of the hole was his boots. Sounds of what I can only guess was hand to fin combat came out of the rocks for a bit, before the boy emerged victorious with his thumb in the fishes mouth and a death grip on its lower jaw. As he stood there grinning from ear to ear he was bleeding, the fish was bleeding and I was bleeding. Even the young man from Washington who was fishing next to us was bleeding after his own scramble on the rocks for a greenling he had caught. And that's how that particular fishing hole got the name "BLOOD ROCK".
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