Better than sitting at home.

Took the drive to Charleston yesterday, 01/02. Was bit late getting on the water after a confrontation in the launch parking lot with a crazy old man that threatened me with a knife, and a resulting report to a deputy. Hopefully they will take some action on this disturbed person and he'll be remove from the public. Anyway, it was late when we set our pots. after an hour soak just up bay from the #7 marker we pulled and the result was rather disappointing. For 6 pots only a couple of keeper sized crabs. We changed depth on several pots and soaked another hour. By then the outgoing tide was raging and one pot float was pulled under never to be found by us. most of the pots were covered in eel grass and had no crabs. We ended our crabbing with only 7 Dungeness and 8 red crabs for the drive. On the upside, while the pots were soaking we did some jigging around the area and caught two legal size ling cod and three Black rock fish. So at least I'll have some fish for dinner tonight.


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excellent, I will take lingcod over crab any day of the week...when the tide is moving there, I have done well dropping my pots west of the submerged jetty wall, down from the #7 marker in maybe 20' of water, but not too close to the rock wall unless you actually want rock crabs...I pulled one pot in there Monday that had 5 CA keepers in it and some OR keepers that I tossed back..and the tide push is never very strong in that "Y" area between the two sunken jetties....