Belated Lost River report


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I went for some fishing on 3/16, but I haven't had a chance to post a report until now. Fished at Lost River for a couple hours with chunks of worm on a two hook slip sinker rig. I actually tried a chunk of hot dog on one of the hooks for a while, but after several bites on the worm without even a nibble on the hot dog I switched to worm on both hooks.

I caught 2 brown bullhead; I kept the first one, which measured 14", and the second was about the same size, but it was released because it managed to foul-hook itself.


I also caught about 4 tui chubs.


This one is the biggest chub I've caught so far; it looked like it was probably at least a foot long, though it wasn't measured before being released:


I also saw some large flocks of birds (not sure if they'll actually be visible in the picture):


This is actually the first time I've caught any kind of catfish/bullhead, and I was surprised at how sharp the spines on the pectoral fins were. I managed to not get stuck by the spines, but when I put the fish in a plastic bag, it sliced through the sides more cleanly than most of my knifes could have. If you do get stuck by a catfish spine, I've heard that the slime on the belly of the fish helps ease the pain, but thankfully I didn't need it this time.

The bullhead tasted good when I fried it up, despite Lost River not exactly having a reputation for high water quality. The cooler water temps this time of year probably help.


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Thanks for catching us up. I've never caught a catfish and wasn't aware of the spine issue, thanks for the info...just in case one comes my way. ;)


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Nice report. First specie, that I ever caught. I was 5 or 6, and thought that they would look like "Felix the Cat". I got quite a surprise the next morning, with my pops! They aren't easy to clean, either, but might tasty!


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I've gotten nasty cuts from cats when I clean em, so I break off the spines/fins with pliers before cleaning
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