Beginner shad fishing tips? Umpqua River

Hello, I’m wanting to try to catch some shad on the Umpqua. I’ve never fished for them and could use some pointers. Thank you
Okay, thank you. I’m assuming your talking about color of shad dart? Also, should they be free lined, under a bobber, or what?


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I just cast ,you may have to add a small splitshot if the flow is high.You NEED to close to the bottom on the drift as well.Yes shad dart color
I’m only from the bank. I brought my gear last weekend when I went, and ended up just bass fishing. I need to figure out how to read the water to find them.

Thank you for the information. I may head back down there this Saturday.


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Its mostly over a month late however nooks are being caught at the jaws so casting spinners at half moon bay is heating up!
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