I am not familiar with why bearings have different seals or atleast what purposes the different seals can serve, there are three choices for the ceramic bearings I am looking at for my longboard, we have Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2), and Teflon (C2F2).

What are the purposes of the different seals? Is one more susceptible to damage from shock/moisture than another? I have done a little searching for comparisons with no luck.

Teflon sealed is what I am thinking about getting, the ZrO2 sealed ones are cheaper than the others, I am wanting to cancel these ones out.
I dont have experience that I know of except for the teflon seals, which is a higher end seal we use in industrial arbor bearings in the mill. The others I dont recognize.
After a little research, I am thinking the Si3N4 is most appropriate, but I'd still like to hear facts/opinions from someone who knows more in depth details of these compounds. (Sorry RWS, I took forever to type this, I hadn't seen your post, still helpful to know, thank you).

The Teflon is great for anti-friction properties, is it pretty strong? Will it crack under shock easily?
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Si3N4 is the outer shell, while researching I was pretty confused with how it could be a seal, it is actually one of the higher end shells for bearings I believe. The website makes it a little unclear.

I believe the Teflon coated ones have a basic ZrO2 shell.

I'll look at other stores, VXB is confusing.
i just use bones bearings, swiss or blacks.they spin for days
Bones are the most well known bearing for longboards, but I would go with higher end ones like the Bones ceramics, which cost almost a couple hundred.

Ceramic bearings need less care basically, they won't rust, stay oiled longer, great against friction, I can just clean them directly under water and throw a drop of gun oil on them. If I am not satisfied with the ceramics, then I'll get some Bones Swiss.
If you look at Eng . spec on bearing you will get all your answers, may want to check Boca Bearing fishing reel bearing and also skate B . Maybe the bigest item over looked is the lubricant,big bucks spent on bearings the junk lub. Retired Aero. Eng
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